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Food and drinks at Varingskollen

Cafés in Varingskollen

Varingskollen has two cafes with indoor seating: Café Snøtunet and Kiosken by the children’s area (Barnebakken).
Café Snøtunet, at the heart of the area!

We welcome you to Cafe Snøtunet!

The café has both a hot and cold menu in addition to simple snacks, and is a pleasant gathering spot in the middle of the area, next to the terrain park, the lift Olaheisen, and the ski rental.

We have seating inside and outside, and are open throughout the area’s opening hours.

Kiosken by Barnebakken

Kiosken and a warm-up room are located by the children’s area (Barnebakken) and the free rolling carpet lift, and is a great place for all ages to warm up and eat simple snacks.

Large windows give a good view over what is happening outside. There are also seats and barbecues outside, perfect for taking a break from the slopes.

The warm-up room (Varmestuen) is open throughout the area’s opening hours and the kiosk is open Tue-Wed 5pm-9pm and Sat-Sun 10am-5pm.

Varingskollen benytter seg av informasjonskapsler, les mer om vår bruk av cookies.